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December 8, 2009

Since the leaking of the e-mails/ corrupted code etc., and the resulting scandal known as Climategate, we have been hearing alot of claims from the man made global warming believers that ‘big oil’ was behind the leak.

Were they?

al gore
Al Gore, the man from Occidental.

I am inclined to say, doubtful. But, will concede that is just my opinion.

I am more inclined to say the Big Oil stands firmly behind the man-made theory and the drive to massively increase energy prices. And profit from carbon credit trading/carbon capture.

It would really be a win/win situation for them.

Let’s look first at Al Gore. The name and face of the man-made global warming movement. Interesting fellow. With ties to Occidental Oil. It seems Al Gore is Big Oil and Big Coal, perhaps he is big Nuclear Power also. Nuclear stands to benefit, as much as all other energy producers from the man-made Global Warming theories. What with massively increased energy prices across the board Nuclear Power may become highy profitable, however problematic it may be.

Al Gore claims the shares were sold in Occidental, but were they really?

Occidental shares are set to soar profit wise. Al Gore would be privy to much insider information through his many high level contacts, surely he would be aware of the money to be made?

Occidental: Well-positioned for oil’s next vault to the stratosphere

I’m Reiterating my Buy rating for Occidental Petroleum , first recommended on April 27, 2009 at a price of $54.81. If you bought OXY in April, you’re up an impressive 52%. Occidentalis well-positioned to capitalize on oil’s likely upcoming surge to triple digits.

Interestingly, besides making money off of increased oil prices. Big Oil is set to get into the Carbon Capture and Sequestration business

Company/Alliance: BP: Hydrogen Energy and Edison Mission Group, with sponsors and participants Fluor, GE Energy, Occidental Petroleum, and West Basin Water District

[efoods]Then as most know Al Gore is tied to the carbon credits selling market

Yup, Generation Investments Management.

So it does seem, Al Gore is well positioned for profit.

Then there is this: Global firms seek climate deal.

The group called for “immediate and deep” cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, as world leaders meet at the UN in New York for climate change talks.

The companies are members of the Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change.

They include Tesco, German insurer Allianz and oil giant Shell.

Shell, calling for a firm climate deal?

Not possible, Big Oil is behind the deniers!

And the Prince of Wales Group?

Corporate Leader: James Smith, Chairman, Shell U.K. Limited

Working Group Member: David Hone, Group Climate Change Advisor

Corporate Leader: Graeme Sweeney, Executive Vice President Shell International EU Renewables B.V Working Group Member: David Hone, Group Climate Change Adviser

Big Oil behind the deniers? It just doesn’t appear that way at all.

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