Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta had his Twitter hacked late Wednesday after other alleged attacks against several of his online accounts.

The tweet, which stated, “I’ve switched teams.Vote Trump 2016.Hi pol,” was pulled offline soon after it appeared at 7:55 p.m.

The tweet’s mention of “pol,” a reference to the “politically incorrect” board on the website 4chan, suggests the hack may be connected to the recent discovery of Podesta’s Apple ID and password in an email published on WikiLeaks.

Some screenshots posted on Twitter allege to show backend access to Podesta’s iCloud account and even his iPhone being remotely wiped. Other tweets claim Podesta’s personal emails from a Microsoft Outlook account have been passed on to WikiLeaks as well.

It is believed the hackers logged into Podesta’s Twitter after performing a password reset, which would have been possible if Podesta’s email account was compromised.

In a tweet on Thursday though WikiLeaks alleged to have confirmed that Podesta’s Apple password had been changed by the time the email dump went live.

WikiLeaks’ claim has been questioned by several cybersecurity researchers given screenshots appearing to show the breach.

Clinton spokesman Nick Merril later responded by confirming the breach, stating those close to Podesta were “working on fixing it.”

This latest breach follows WikiLeaks’ 5th release of Podesta’s work emails. The FBI said Wednesday that it suspected Russian intelligence agencies were responsible for the email hack.

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