Hillary’s Clinton’s campaign is citing fake documents to assert that questions surrounding her ill health are “debunked” conspiracy theories.

The problem with that narrative is that no serious commentator who raised questions about Hillary’s health ever used the fake documents as evidence.

As the Washington Post reports, Hillary’s campaign sent reporters an article from FactCheck.org entitled “Fake Clinton Medical Records” which debunks the authenticity of a “leaked” document circulated on Twitter that claims to be from Lisa Bardack, Hillary’s personal physician.

The document claims that Hillary suffers from a number of ailments, including “blacking out,” “uncontrollable twitching” and “memory loss”.

The Fact Check article then implies that Fox News’ Sean Hannity began questioning Hillary’s health because of the information contained in the fake documents.

This is objectively false.

Not a single prominent individual who has discussed the issues surrounding Hillary’s health has used the fake documents as proof.

– Sean Hannity never cited the documents.

– Mike Cernovich never cited the documents.

– Dr. Drew never cited the documents.

– I never cited the documents.

In citing the fake documents as evidence that the claims have been “debunked,” the Clinton campaign is building a classic strawman argument.

A straw man is defined as, “a weak or imaginary argument or opponent that is set up to be easily defeated.”

By claiming that the fake documents are the only evidence offered that Hillary has major health problems, her campaign is hoping to deflect attention away from the real questions, which include the following;

– Why does Hillary have to rely on a “leaning stool” to be provided virtually every single speech she gives?

– Why does Hillary have to be propped up by pillows at virtually every single public appearance she makes?

– Why does Hillary keep having brain freezes where she loses her train of thought?

– Why does Hillary keep having bizarre seizure-like episodes?

– Why does Hillary keep having coughing fits?

– Why is Hillary on 1960’s-era medication that has side-effects which include “severe dizziness” and “tiredness”?

– Why is Hillary being medically aided by a strange Secret Service handler who now appears to have disappeared since we drew attention to him?

– Why are Secret Service whistleblowers telling us that Hillary has major health problems if all this is just a conspiracy theory?

– Why is the media, which obsessed about John McCain’s health in 2008, dismissing the entire issue as a “conspiracy theory” when 59% of Americans want to see Hillary’s medical records, according to a Rasmussen poll?

The Clinton campaign cannot answer any of these questions, which is why they will continue to create fake media hoaxes to draw attention away from the real issues.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.

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