The Clinton campaign thinks that Hillary’s shockingly high unfavorable rating of 56% amongst Democratic voters is due to “sexism,” according to CNN’s Errol Louis.

Asked by host Chris Cuomo why Hillary’s unfavorable rating is 20 points down from “where it should be” with registered Democrats (Sanders is on 36%), Louis said that Clinton strategists think that misogyny amongst voters is a primary reason.

“It means she’s got something she’s got to overcome,” Louis said. “Let me suggest to you, because some of her strategists have said this quietly, it’s not really a big thing on the campaign trail.”

“A lot of this is sexism. I mean, it’s buried so deep that people just say, ‘I don’t trust her. She doesn’t keep her word.’”

“And then you turn around and say, well what politician does? Politicians all the time, they change their opinions, they move here, they move there.”

“With Hillary Clinton, though, it seems to be something that’s completely unacceptable. Everybody raises money from all kinds of sources, she’s the one they throw dollar bills at,” Louis added.

Cuomo seemed skeptical that “sexism” was the reason for why so many Democrats disliked Clinton, suggesting that the “cascade of scandals” was a more likely cause.

Much of Hillary’s campaign platform has relied on the fact that she is a woman, and sexism has been used before as a means of deflecting criticism.

After revelations surrounding the former Secretary of State’s email scandal began to emerge last year, Hillary supporters immediately assertedthat the real reason for the scrutiny was “sexism”.

Clinton’s feminist credentials have been savaged by critics like Roger Stone, who alleges that Hillary helped intimidate and silence victims of Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults.


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