ABC News
April 4, 2008

ABC News’ Eloise Harper Reports: Senator Clinton says she feels like Paul Revere. Make that Paulette Revere.

“Senator Obama has been very timid and very unenthusiastic with doing anything with the economy,” Clinton, D-N.Y., said at a tarmac press conference in Burbank, California on Thursday, “I feel like Paulette Revere — the recession is coming, the recession is coming!”

The candidate, who was outraised by rival Obama, D-Ill., 2-1 in March, and will soon release her tax returns, was asked if she felt like her campaign was in financial crisis.

“We pay our bills,” Clinton said. “We obviously have to scrutinize them and ask hard questions about them but, you know, we are doing fine. We have the money to compete we are doing everything we need to do to keep the campaign going.”

Moving away from the economy, Clinton was directly asked if she or her husband speak to superdelegates about Reverend Wright, whose controversial statements have caused woes for Obama.

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