Dr. Christof Lehmann

October 20, 2011

What a logistical nightmare it must have been for the Secret Service and NATO Intelligence to deliver Clinton save to Tripoli. Heavy fighting around Tripoli airport and the plateau of Abu Salim would have rendered her plane vulnerable to attack. So was she smuggled into Tripoli by boat? More likely. One could almost see on the smirk on her face when she confronted a selection of compliant media together with Jibril, that she was“turned on” by the adventure. After years together with her Coke addicted husband and former U.S. President William Jefferson Clinton,  Hillary is used to be “turned on“, so who knows, may be Jibril and Hillary had a Coke and a smile before facing the press. Speculation beside though, some of the psychological symptoms of long term cokain abuse are illusions of grandeur, unstable mood, paranoia and aggressive behavior, which is a perfect description of the politics she represents with regards to Libya.

If any of the media that were present at the photo opportunity with Jibril would honor the ethics of their trade, what would have been on the headlines and front pages today would be “Rogue State Hillary Calls for catching Legitimate head of State in Libya Dead or Alive” or what about “Hillary at Humanitarian Photo Op in Hospital while NATO bombs Bani Walid with White Phosphor Bombs“. But no, the western corporate media are compliant and fulfilling precisely the function they are designed to fulfill, to keep the populations of the west in a comfortable state of slumber and illusion. A hospital photo opportunity in Tripoli is supposed to cover over the chaotic and disastrous situation in Sirte. The mere fact that Clinton publicly pronounces her hope that “Ghadafi soon will be killed or captured” should earn her an indictment for war crimes. How many heads of state has the U.S.A. murdered since the 60th.

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