Former Clinton operative Larry Nichols predicts that top Democrat donor Ed Buck will probably die mysteriously following his indictment for the suspicious overdose deaths of two young black men in his Hollywood home.

Appearing in the “CrowdSource The Truth” podcast last week, the self-professed former Clinton hit man believes that Buck’s circumstances of his arrest and his deep connections to the Democrats threaten to expose their dark secrets.

“I don’t think he will live very long,” Nichols said. “I just don’t believe he’s long for this earth.”

Nichols noted that billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s recent “mysterious” death probably gives Buck some leeway, as another sudden death of a well-connected high-profile Democrat would raise suspicion of foul play.

“If anything is keeping him alive right now it’s just how close the time is to Epstein’s mysterious death,” he said. “That’s probably giving him a little extra time.”

“But he won’t make it all the way. No way,” Nichols added.

Buck was arrested and charged last month with operating a drug den after a third victim suffered a methamphetamine overdose in his West Hollywood home, where investigators also found hundreds of lewd pictures of young men.

Two other black male escorts had died of overdoses in his home in 2017 and 2018, but there was insufficient evidence to prove Buck himself administered the meth to them.

But nearly a dozen young men came forward to investigators alleging abuse by “predator” Buck following the second victim’s overdose death in his home.

Buck faces up to five years and eight months in prison if convicted.

Buck’s death would undoubtedly benefit the Democrats, as he’s been documented rubbing shoulders with well-known leaders like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Sen. Kamala Harris (Calif.), Rep. Adam Schiff (Calif), Rep. Ted Lieu (Calif.), Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, and former California Governor Jerry Brown — and who knows what kind of dirt on them he may be willing to expose for a more lenient sentence.

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Another criminal Alex Jones has been warning the public about has been Arrested. Ed Buck, top Democrat donor, was arrested and charged with running a drug den after a 3rd man’s overdose.

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