The secret meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch was meant to coordinate how to handle public outrage after the FBI concludes its investigation of Hillary’s private email server, revealed Clinton insider Larry Nichols.

“Hillary is not going to be indicted. It’s over. It’s over,” said Nichols on the Alex Jones Show Friday. “There’s going to be hell raised when she’s not, especially after this meeting.”

Nichols said that the combination of blackmailing the prosecutors of the case with bribing Attorney General Lynch would guarantee Hillary will not receive an indictment for her use of private servers for official government activity.

“Bill Clinton met with Lynch, and he was there to assure her that when Hillary gets to be president she’ll be able to keep her job,” said Nichols. “I would imagine he gave Lynch a slip of paper that had on it a couple of things about the career prosecutors that are working the case. What was on that? The things they have on them. The drugs, women, men, whatever.”

“She is to show the prosecutors what they’ve got and if they indict or don’t do what she says, that’s what’s coming out. So he gave her that slip of paper.”

“I wasn’t there, but I wrote the book that they use, and I did it so many times that I know the M.O.,” Nichols continued. “The strange meetings, the quick meetings, the ‘accidental-on-purpose’ meeting. Bill Clinton wasn’t in Atlanta to play golf; he was there to deliver a message.”

He went on to say that the Clintons want the attorney general to go after anyone that speaks out against the Justice Dept.’s decision not to indict Hillary.

“They want Loretta Lynch to prosecute some of the protestors against Hillary,” said Nichols. “Bill Clinton told her that he wanted her to step up and indict somebody for hate speech because that will clear the road for the rest of the way for Hillary. It’ll back down the conservative people that they figure is going to raise their voices.”

“They’re going to put that down.”

Considering that Lynch has openly supported the idea of shutting down free speech in the name of political correctness, it should come as no surprise that Lynch will go along with anything else her Clinton handlers tell her to, especially if it means keeping Hillary out of jail.

Watch the full interview with Larry Nichols below:

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