You’d think Democrats would have learned by now that blaming everything on pesky Russians isn’t something that resonates with that many level-headed Americans.

Well think again.

#ClintonBodyCount began trending on Twitter in response to a story about Jeffrey Epstein being found nearly unconscious in a fetal position inside his NYC jail cell, with the cause of his injuries unknown.

The incident was reported at around the same time a new story emerged confirming that, despite Clinton’s denials, Epstein visited the Clinton White House multiple times in the early 90s.

Fresh attention on Clinton’s connection to Epstein is clearly why #ClintonBodyCount began to trend, but many Democrats went ahead and blamed Russia anyway.

“Russia didn’t wait long to prove Mueller 100% correct about Putin interfering in our politics today with the #ClintonBodyCount trending hashtag,” asserted Grant Stern.

“#ClintonBodyCount and #MuellerHearingDisaster are trending right now. The Russian bots are out in full force today and it’s not even 9 am,” tweeted Adam Mason.

“Wait, what do you mean that Russia interfered in our election???!?” asked Democrat Rob Anderson.

None of these individuals offered any proof that Russia was behind the hashtag beyond their own fevered claims.

Following the disaster for Dems that was Robert Mueller’s testimony, you’d think Dems would finally start to cool it with the Russian conspiracy theories, but they only appear to be doubling down.


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