After the arrests of Cliven Bundy and Ammon Bundy in Oregon, the pair are being held on a number of charges. They are now releasing updates through attorneys and through the Facebook page associated with Bundy Ranch. In the latest series of updates, they ask for donations, declare the Federal courts ‘lawless,’ and maintain that they are being persecuted for unpopular speech.

On Thursday, Lissa Casey, an attorney for Ammon Bundy, spoke to DML Unfiltered. Though several individuals are jailed on charges related to the incidents, Casey only represents Ammon and spoke only for him.

She discussed her client being denied bail due to being judged a flight risk, maintaining that his desire to have his story heard would ensure his appearance at trial. She and reporter Bill Tucker agreed that denying bail was inappropriate in this case and demonstrated a government abuse of power.

According to Oregon Live, Ammon spent over three weeks occupying a Federally owned building in Oregon, and was only taken by police when he and others left the building and were caught traveling along the highway.

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