April 24, 2014

The liberal media is in a frenzy over Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy’s reportedly racist remarks concerning black people and slavery.

While some are urging Bundy’s supporters to distance themselves from his sentiments, the reality is the mainstream media is attempting yet another sneaky psy-op geared to further demonize the rancher and is relying on its favorite propaganda tactic: painting the opposition as racist.

Cliven Bundy appeared on the Thursday edition of the Alex Jones Show to clarify his remarks, which he said were taken out of context. He told Jones that he was concerned about the freedoms of all people, not just black people, and expressed his belief that everyone was becoming slaves to the federal government.

Alex further highlighted the absurdity of the media’s label, as Bundy’s remarks clearly state he is concerned for the welfare of young black men who are being jailed at an alarming rate and the black babies being killed en masse, which the media somehow thinks is racist.

It’s not surprising that one of the first newspapers to run with the Bundy-racist angle was the New York Times, one of the federal government’s most notorious propaganda arms.

Like the infamous letter making its rounds in Ukraine purportedly telling Jewish people they needed to register with the pro-Russian government, which was later admitted to be a forgery, the media’s attempts to portray Bundy as racist reeks of media manipulation.

Just recently, the New York Times was forced to print a retraction of their report that purported to show photographic proof that Russian troops were in Ukraine.

More and more, we’ve seen the media throw around the “racist” term to demonize its opposition and frame them as hateful extremists. Last December, MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry asked if the term “Obamacare” wasn’t in fact some form of secret lingo meaning the N-word.

In the past, The Alex Jones Show has also been demonized by the media as “hate speech,” and he has been labeled “deeply racist” by the likes of MSNBC, despite the television news networks being unable to produce a shred of evidence to that effect. This is because both of those claims are patently false and Jones has never espoused any of those beliefs.

Attempts to paint Bundy as racist are just the latest effort to distract from the real issues surrounding his dispute with the BLM. It is a divide and conquer tactic designed to create division among his supporters and demonize groups that stand for land rights.

Watch: Kira Davis, vblogging for IJReview, makes the point that it does not matter if Cliven Bundy is a racist. The larger issue is what the federal government is doing in Nevada. Bundy’s comments – now disingenuously used by the liberal media as ammunition to attack supporters of states’ rights – do not undermine the case, which is larger than Mr. Bundy and transcends any remarks he made.

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