April 29, 2012

****REMINDER: Tomorrow is the final day to submit your entries into the Infowars Reporter Contest. We welcome more entrants, but please remember to read the rules, and make sure your submission has been e-mailed by 2 PM CENTRAL this Monday, April 30, 2012. We are being overwhelmed with reports from Infowarriors all over the world. Thanks for your efforts.

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Reporter: Stewart Howe

This is a news report from Stewart Howe on the subject of Ron Paul’s massive popularity and the subsequent blackout by the mainstream media.

Another InfoWars Special Report: Aborted Fetal Cells in Drinks

Reporter: Brooke Kelley

Alex Jones Reporter Contest:David Ortiz

Reporter: David Ortiz

Infowars Final Edit

Reporter: Dane Ludolph

Dogmatic Deception on Infowars

Reporter: Joseph Zabrosky

Signs of our enemy’s destruction can be seen all around us as it eats our very substance day in and day out. Yet so few Americans and those living in other countries are aware of the very root of the problem due to our enemy’s Dogmatic Deception. Come with us on a journey to look into the eyes of the one we are fighting as his mask has presently fallen from his face. If you want to be victorious over your enemy you must first know who it is.

Robot Reporters and the Humans Who Oppose Them

Reporter: Liz Mayer

The Eaters of Children: The Frightening Truth Behind the Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Reporter: Johnny Cirucci

Johnny Cirucci has done some digging on behalf of into the Jerry Sandusky pedophile scandal and what he found should make your blood run cold.

Bruce Montalvo Reporting for PrisonPlanet.Com

Reporter: Bruce Montalvo

Bruce Montalvo Reporting for The Infowars Nightly News

Reporter: Bruce Montalvo

WTC Towers Excluded from N.Y. N.Y. Hotel & Casino Design

Reporter: Bruce Montalvo

Infowars reporter contest entry # 2 – NAFTA – A Deal With The Devil

Reporter: Casey Peavoy

Canadian Infowars reporter Casey Peavoy shows how the NAFTA treaty has wiped out jobs , communities and lives in Southwestern Ontario …

Primetime Forces NWO Agenda Through Your TV

Reporter: Sean Patrick Flynn

Thanks to the INFOWARS crew and Alex Jones especially for fully awakening my mind and soul to the true tyrannies.

Loss of Liberty & the NDAA

Reporter: Kyle J. Merriam

Kyle J. Merriam reporting for from Syracuse, NY USA. Kyle discusses two recent news items detailing the loss of liberty by Americans. Kyle also discusses the National Defense Authorization Act or NDAA, which was signed Dec 31, 2011 by President Obama authorizing the indefinite detention, without trial, of anyone suspected of providing support to terrorists, even if they are American citizens. Kyle interviews various people from Syracuse and documents their reactions to this draconian law. Sources used for this report are, and the Video production was handled by S. David Peterson. Two articles were cited in this report as well. You can see those at these links: and…


Reporter: Eli King

I Dedicate this contest entry to my children’s future and to future of the children around the world!!! Restore the Republic!!! Live Free Or Die!!! INFOWARS.COM!!!

Infowars Reporter Contest-Freedomradio-House Resolution 347

Reporter: David Rhineheimer begins it’s assault on Big Government, the New World Order, and Globalist propaganda with this entry into the reporter contest. This is the first in a continuing effort to stop runaway government abuse of power in it’s tracks. Freedomradio now joins the battle that Alex Jones and started, uniting in our efforts to expose the lies presented by the Lame Stream Media, and keep you the citizen informed of dangers to your personal rights and liberties. The subject of this episode is House Resolution 347, also known as the “Tresspass Bill”. We are joined in this episode by 2010 Campaign Manager for Rand Paul’s successful run for the Senate, and publisher of KY Progress, David Adams for his assessment of the situation that this new law places us all within.

IT’S OUR MOVE – Official Infowars Reporter Contest Entry #2

Reporter: Guillermo Jimenez

LOSS OF LIBERTY with Sean Wright – InfoWars Reporter Contest Entry #1

Reporter: Sean Wright

With the government passing bills like the NDAA Section #1021, H.R. 347, and asserting that it has the power to assassinate its own citizens, there’s no question that the American people are gradually losing the liberties that have given them unique status in world history… until now.

InfoWars reporter Sean Wright (MN) identifies the dystopian GRAY STATE world that will become an inevitable result of our inaction in this, our nation’s darkest hour.

Includes interviews with filmmakers David Crowley and Danny Mason, as well as interviews with US Senate Candidate Kurt Bills, CIA Analyst Ray McGovern, Lord Christopher Monckton and MN Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

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