Check out up-to-date highlights from Tuesday’s Democrat debates here. Refresh this page for the latest updates.

CNN’s UFC-style debate trailer:

Dems awkward as debate begins with Star Spangled Banner:

No dems say the pledge:

DNC Chair Tom Perez warns of universal warming:

Perez joke falls flat:

Everyone’s opening statement – sped up 150%:

Bernie’s full opening statement:

Watch Alex Jones’ analysis of the debates live:

Elizabeth Warren deflects question about increasing taxes:

Warren says she would decriminalize border crossings:

John Delaney says he’s the only one with health care industry experience:

Fly on Buttigieg’s face?

He later swats at the fly…

Delaney calls out Bernie and Pocahontas:

Warren kills Delaney’s campaign:

Trump 2020 campaign manager boils down first hour of debate:

Pete Buttigieg destroys “far-left agenda”:

Buttigieg dodges tax hike question:

Bernie throws his hands up:

Bernie throws his hands up [with context]”

Sanders: “I wrote the damn bill.”

Sanders to Delaney: “You’re wrong.”

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock rejects medicaid-for-all:

Bullock: Trump is the biggest problem

Tim Ryan has rare glimpse of sanity on Democrats’ far-left immigration stance:

Beto agrees with AOC’s global warming doomsday scenario:

Marianne Williamson claims Trump emboldening “dark psychic force” in America, receives huge applause:

Impartial journalist Don Lemon asks why supporters ignore Trump’s bigotry:

Amy Klobuchar admits not all Trump supporters “racist”:

Williamson: NRA has America in “chokehold”

Tim Ryan says President Trump right on China:

Bernie: ‘Trump is a liar, I am not’ – oh, by the way there are more terrorists now than ever before:

Bernie Sanders doesn’t have to yell:

Williamson backs up $200-$500 billion in slavery reparations:

Sanders: “If a mother & a child walk thousands of miles on a dangerous path, in my view they are not criminals.”

Klobuchar: ‘I believe immigrants… are America’

Beto – America’s ‘legacy of slavery and segregation … is alive and well’:

Buttigieg wants to change the Constitution:

Delaney: “Donald Trump is the symptom of a disease…”

37-year-old Buttigieg vs. 76-year-old Sanders

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