Supporters of Democrat presidential contender Hillary Clinton evidently aren’t too familiar with her proposed fiscal policies.

But that didn’t keep them from pledging their loyalty to her during a recent Jimmy Kimmel skit, in which several self-proclaimed Hillary supporters praised her plan to eliminate the estate tax, eliminate the alternative minimum tax and eliminate taxes for those who make less than $25k a year.

The only problem is – those are actually Donald Trump’s proposed tax policies.

During a revealing man on the street segment, Kimmel’s producers intentionally misled interviewees who believed they were expressing their support for the former secretary of state’s economic policies.

The report begins with respondents rejecting Trump outright in favor of Clinton.

“Would you be able to support anything about Donald Trump?” the interviewer asks.

“Um, in short ‘No,’” answers one woman, whose response is echoed by every other person interviewed.

The people interviewed were then presented with monetary policies and told the proposals were Clinton’s (actually Trump’s), policies which they overwhelmingly supported.

Hillarity ensues when it’s revealed to respondents that they just backed Donald Trump.

“What would you do if I told you those were all Donald Trump’s proposals?” the interviewer asks one man.

“I wouldn’t believe you?” he says.

“They are,” the man interviewing affirms.

“Well, I support Donald Trump then,” the man blurts out without hesitation.

Following the reveal, three male interviewees acknowledged that Trump’s effort to cut taxes may actually be a good idea.

Two female respondents, however, upon learning they just backed the evil Donald, attempted to maintain unwavering support for their candidate despite being caught on film agreeing with her opponent, illustrating perfectly how easily an uninformed public can be manipulated.

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