A CNN panel admitted that Beto O’Rourke is unlikely to beat Sen. Ted Cruz in the Texas midterms, citing lagging poll numbers and lack of enthusiasm for O’Rourke in Texas when compared to New York.

“I think Beto O’Rourke has more enthusiastic supporters in New York City than he probably does in Texas, based upon everything I have seen with the money coming in, versus what the actual polls are showing,” CNN senior politics writer Harry Enten said on Wednesday.

“We have a new CNN poll among likely voters, we have this seven-point split right here. 52 percent to 45 percent. The question is why is Cruz leading over O’Rourke by such a wide margin.”

“One reason why is that O’Rourke is simply not getting his voters out,” he continued. “One way we can tell that is by looking at all registered voters we see actually that Cruz has only a five-point lead among there, which means the people who are actually going to show up are less likely to support O’Rourke than Cruz.”

Unable to twist these facts favorably for O’Rourke, the CNN analyst was forced to admit the data supports a Cruz victory.

“If this race holds where it is, Ted Cruz is going to probably win,” Enten concluded.

Other leftist publications also came to the same conclusion, noting O’Rourke failed to alter the trajectory of Cruz’s lead.

“Ted Cruz ‘won’ the debate, the second and final of the much-watched campaign that was never all that close,” Slate reported Wednesday.

“Cruz won in the sense that O’Rourke needed to use the debate to change the trajectory of the race, and he couldn’t. O’Rourke always starts at a handicap: He is running as a liberal Democrat in Texas, which, despite oft-repeated rumors of turning blue, remains a blood-red state.”

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