A CNN analyst claimed anti-Trump statements made during the protracted funeral for Arizona Sen. John McCain represented a “call to arms” against the sitting president.

Discussing various sharp political jabs aimed at the president during several eulogies Saturday, most notably by Sen. McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain, CNN senior political analyst Ronald Brownstein claimed the funeral unified the “resistance” in their rejection of Trump and characterized it as a “call to arms.”


“I was struck on it by the tone of today’s funeral,” Brownstein said. “It was less a eulogy than it was a call to arms.”

Numerous speakers at the funeral, Brownstein said, “made a very affirmative case for a different kind of politics.”

“I think it was a bi-partisan rejection of this kind of politics that is inherently grounded in division,” said Brownstein. “I mean every couple of days President Trump has to find a new target on twitter or in his public comments. He believes the key to consolidating his side is essentially to have them at war with other Americans.”

During Sunday’s Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd also celebrated the eulogy as a potential “a call to arms” against Trump, as he recalled conversations with a few senators before and after the service.

I think the question, Willie [Giest], there was part of me yesterday was wondering if we having a memorial service for an era that we can’t get back, that we won’t get back. Or, as I had a few senators that I talked to — before and after the event who said, “you know what? Maybe it will be a call to arms.” Maybe the fact that you had — think about this. You had spontaneous applause break out for Meghan McCain’s eulogy. When was the last time you heard that? Applause at a eulogy.

For the most part attendees at the funeral represented a veritable who’s-who of the Never Trump resistance, with key establishment figures gathered to mourn the loss of one of their most powerful and loyal Deep State operatives.

President Trump was not invited to attend.

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