CNN is blaming America’s Mojave and Sonoran Deserts – which have existed for thousands of years – on “global warming.”

Despite the Mojave’s Death Valley experiencing a record temperature of 134 °F in 1913, the network claimed the American Southwest’s current “record-breaking heatwave,” “raging wildfires” and “power outages” were due to “man-made climate change.”

At least two of those can be largely blamed on California’s byzantine state government, however.

“If you’re stranded in Phoenix right now, or worried about an elderly acquaintance in California, or are without power in the Bay Area, or nervous about a wildfire taking your home, you can thank the long list of politicians who do the bidding of polluting corporations instead of their constituents and protect profit over the environment,” CNN’s Jill Filipovic wrote. “You can thank the President who tore up the Paris climate agreement.”

But most of those are local or state-level issues that have existed before the establishment started fueling the whole “man-made climate change” narrative, and all of those areas – including Phoenix – are Democratically-run.

Remember the 2000 California electricity crisis that was largely blamed on collusion between energy companies and state politicians “gaming the system?”  The scandal would likely have never been exposed if the “climate change” rhetoric was as loud then as it is today.

And that’s a good point: politicians use “global warming” as the boogeyman to hide their power grabs.

Furthermore, did Trump’s rejection of the Paris climate accord magically heat up the globe immediately with the stroke of his pen?

Of course not, and in fact, if it was intended to actually stop “global warming,” the accord wouldn’t have exempted India and China, two rapidly growing economic superpowers, from major regulations.

The Paris climate accord was designed to weaken the US economy and make Americans dependent on global government, like vassals of a distant empire.

If multinational banks are to control America, they can’t let her remain economically independent.

Additionally, a wrath of wildfires in California blamed on “global warming” was found to be arson.

“Many of the problems facing California are self-inflicted from decades of fire suppression, a naturally occurring drought, and mismanagement of water resources,” Climate Depot’s Marc Moreno pointed out. “While some have tried to blame global warming, studies keep disproving their alarmist rhetoric.”

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