On July 27, CNN aired a news story in which it claimed President Donald Trump had advance knowledge of the meeting at Trump Tower between members of his campaign team and two Russians working with Fusion GPS. Despite the fact Trump has repeatedly stated that he didn’t know about this meeting until after it had occurred, two anonymous sources assured CNN that former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen personally witnessed the then-candidate for the Presidency being told the details about the forthcoming meeting. The two sources went on to claim that Cohen wanted to make this assertion to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

So excited was the mainstream media by this anonymously sourced story that it dominated the headlines for days. Trump was caught now! Soon Muller would have Cohen under oath before a grand jury and then Trump’s collusion with the two Russians at the Trump Tower meeting, Natalia Veselnitskaya and Rinat Akhmetshin,would be fully exposed!

Never mind the fact that by this point, it’s been revealed these two Russian lobbyists were affiliated with Fusion GPS, the same research firm that produced the Steele dossier, which had sent them to this meeting to lobby Trump’s team against the Magnitsky Act sanctions.

There has been a very interesting development in this story since CNN published their article.

Michael Cohen’s lawyer, longtime Clinton associate Lanny Davis, outed himself publicly as one of the anonymous sources for the story and recanted. He did this live on camera during a television interview with Anderson Cooper…on CNN.

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