CNN, a reporter played the “But if it is” game on whether or not the shooting at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs was the result of the shooter targeting the clinic over their abortion practices, calling it the “latest” such incident.

“If this was a targeting of Planned Parenthood it would be the latest in a string of attacks on abortion providing facilities or on doctors who work with them.”

If it was, you see. But this is a very liberal (pun intended) use of the words “latest” and ‘string”, which imply an ongoing series of attacks. That impression is belied by the information he actually provides to back up his claim.

The most recent fatal attack was six and a half years ago, Dr. George Tiller, shot and killed inside his church in Wichita, Kanasas, on May 31, 2009.

If you think that is a reach on the implication of an ongoing pattern of attacks, his next one is even moreso.

Also in October of 1998 Dr. Barnett Slepian who worked at an abortion providing clinic in Buffalo, New York, he was shot through the window of his kitchen with a high-powered rifle.

There have also been bombings of abortion clinics in the United States. In January 1998 ….

Well, you get the picture. 18 years ago next month. The number of fatalities in attacks on abortionists & abortion clinics between January of 2000 and October 2015: One. As of the time of this article, that number has not increased.

This is not what you call a spate or “string” of attacks, of which today’s is the “latest.”

It is refreshing, though, to see the liberal media acknowledge at least the premise of related incidents. There is a long, long, long, long list of terror attacks from those shouting “Allahu Akbar” and citing the Koran as their motivation. Maybe we can finally get the media to recognize that those events are part of a pattern. They are certainly more abundant, frequent, and recent than this so-called string CNN reported on with a big “if” in front of it.

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