Kurt Nimmo
May 13, 2013

The establishment media is calling for the implementation of Big Brother technology following the Boston bombing last month.

In order to prevent terrorist attacks, CNN argues, there must be real-time surveillance cameras planted everywhere. Panopticon technology is required if we are to expect government to protect us from terrorists and other miscreants, the corporate media network says.

In April, CNN dismissed privacy and civil liberty concerns and argued that “facial-recognition software and other technologies are making security-camera images more valuable to law enforcement. Now, software can automatically mine surveillance footage for information, such as a specific person’s face, and create a giant searchable database.”

CNN says video surveillance is “less intrusive” and “much more pleasant” than pat-downs and other in-your-face Gestapo tactics. “When combined with competent law enforcement, surveillance cameras are more effective, less intrusive, less psychologically draining, and much more pleasant than these alternatives,” writes Heather Kelly.

CNN insists the Tsarnaev brothers became suspects after they were identified on surveillance camera footage.

The government, however, has yet to conclusively prove that the brothers were anything but average spectators at a sporting event. Not one image of the brothers placing a backpack supposedly containing a pressure cooker bomb has been produced by the government. We are simply expected to believe the brothers placed the bomb despite a complete lack of evidence.

Before demanding we surrender what remains of our privacy to the state and its intrusive surveillance technology, CNN – itself a tool of military intelligence – should insist the FBI and the government provide conclusive evidence that the Tsarnaev brothers actually placed the bombs in Boston.

The government has not released video evidence because none actually exists. Teenager Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is an obvious patsy who will be used like Timothy McVeigh for government propaganda designed to further diminish the Bill of Rights and provide an excuse to build the sort of pervasive Big Brother panopticon CNN eagerly argues for.

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