P.J. Gladnick
February 23, 2014

Have you ever seen a four year old kid who is completely closed to any type of reasoning? Typically his hands will cover his ears and he will scream loudly to block out any arguments others might give to the contrary. Well, CNN has become that unreasoning four year old kid.

And what type of reasoning is CNN attempting to block out? Anything that might contradict their blind faith in global warming or climate change as they now call it. Yes, CNN has declared that there are no two sides to the climate change debate. Here is the amazing shutdown debate statement written by Hardy Spire that CNN released in a promo for today’s Reliable Sources:

And there are some stories which do not have two sides. The climate change debate is one of them. Nevertheless, many news organizations continue to equate the skeptics with the scientists. This week NBC’s Meet the Press faced criticism for its debate between Bill Nye the Science Guy and Rep. Marsha Blackburn. We’ll talk to Michio Kaku from the City University of New York and CBS News as well as Jack Mirkinson, Senior Media Editor at the Huffington Post.

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