CNN referred to Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) as the “original badass woman of Washington.”

The network aired a short biopic on Pelosi on Tuesday which showered the former House speaker with praise not seen since Hillary Clinton was running for the White House.

“Nancy Pelosi certainly knows her power more than any other woman I’ve ever covered in politics, and I’ve always wondered, ‘How?’” Asked anchor Dana Bash. “She’s as strict about her chocolate as she is standing up for herself.”

An eight-minute version of the piece was uploaded to Twitter:

The timing of the piece, which puts Pelosi in a positive light, suggests the lawmaker and her media allies anticipate an uphill battle for her to recapture the House speakership.

Already 10 House Democrats said they would oppose Pelosi in favor of fresh leadership.

“That’s an issue for Pelosi, who has led the Democratic caucus for 16 years, and significantly narrows her margin for error in her bid to lock down the 218 votes needed to return to the speakership,” Politico reported. “Pelosi’s office dismissed the notion that she wouldn’t get the votes to be speaker.”

“And her allies note that she has two months to win skeptics and said she plans to take her fight all the way to the floor.”

The latter quote would explain the CNN piece.

“While Pelosi and her allies may think she is the best suited for the speakership, a recent poll indicates Democrats may be ready for a leadership change,” Breitbart also reported. “According to Gallup, 56 percent of Democrats and independents who are liberal-minded want Pelosi to forgo the top leadership role she held between 2007 and 2011.”

That said, ultimately the more seats Democrats pick up in the House, the better Pelosi’s chances at becoming speaker.

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