CNN directed its employees to undermine and discredit Donna Brazile after her new book confirmed that the DNC worked with the Clinton campaign to rig the primary against Bernie Sanders.

The revelation emerged during Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show last night.

Carlson said, “According to highly informed sources we spoke to–highly informed–top management at CNN directed its employees to undermine Brazile’s credibility.”

“Anchors and producers were vocally offended by her attacks on their friends, the Clintons. If you’ve been watching that channel, you may have noticed CNN’s anchors suggesting that Donna Brazile cannot be trusted, precisely because she took part in efforts to break the primaries for Clinton,” he added.

Carlson then played clips from CNN showing anchors going off the same talking points calling Brazile a liar. A Glenn Greenwald article also highlights how other journalists and networks have been spreading fake news designed to exonerate Hillary Clinton’s behavior, including the myth that the DNC-Hillary deal only applied to the general election.

“The media loves a scandal but they can’t seem to downplay this one fast enough,” said Carlson, before playing a clip from Brazile’s recent appearance on ABC’s This Week when she told her detractors she won’t shut up and they can “go to hell”.

In an article published last week, Brazile revealed that the Clinton campaign had struck a fundraising agreement with the DNC long before she was the nominee, a move clearly designed to marginalize Senator Bernie Sanders.

It has also emerged that Brazile dedicated her book to murdered former DNC staffer Seth Rich, who many suspect was Wikileaks’ source for the DNC leaks.

Brazile’s book dedicated reads,”In loving memory of my father, Lionel Brazile Sr.; my beloved sister, Sheila Brazioutlanle; my fearless uncles Nat, Floyd, and Douglas; Harlem’s finest, my aunt Lucille; my friend and mentor, David Kaufmann; my DNC colleague and patriot, Seth Rich; and my beloved Pomeranian, Chip Joshua Marvin Brazile (Booty Wipes). I miss y’all.”


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