CNN criticized a plan devised by political insider Roger Stone and radio host Alex Jones calling for Trump supporters to assemble at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July.

“We will have demonstrations at specific hotels where there are delegates so we can let them visually see the will of the people,” Stone says in a clip aired by Don Lemon. “We will have a daily protest. We will man the ramparts every day,” Stone says, clarifying he is calling for peaceful, non-violent demonstrations.

“That sounds slightly ominous. Is that the way you want the delegates counted?” Lemon asks CNN contributor Kayleigh McEnany and Blaze editor and former CIA intelligence officer Buck Sexton, who proceeded to launch an attack on Jones.

“Some of these rules can be changed very close to the actual convention,” Sexton says in response. “And I’ll just point out – Alex Jones aside, who is really a conspiracy theorist, I think putting him on the right is rough for those of us who are conservatives – but nonetheless the rules in place say that either Cruz or Trump will be the Republican nominee.”

“If you don’t give one of those candidates the GOP nomination there will be a nuclear meltdown within the entire conservative movement, the entire right wing,” Sexton predicts.

The media’s coverage of Stone’s plan for demonstrations to “stop the steal” suggests the establishment is terrified by the thought of Trump supporters showing up to influence Republican delegates.

Last week, MSNBC also aired a clip from the Alex Jones Show in which they slammed Stone’s plan to assemble Trump supporters.

That preceded another attempt by CNN earlier this week in which they deceptively edited a clip from Roger Stone’s interview with Stephan Molyneux to make it appear that the Trump insider was advocating violence.

Republican National Committee leaders have numerous times over the past few months indicated the popular vote and primary and caucus results don’t matter, and that RNC delegates can vote against the will of the people.

Watch Roger Stone break down the big steal and how the establishment will ignore the will of voters.

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