Michael Smerconish, a CNN host and SiriusXM personality, made news Thursday for saying that people who act like a “bigot” or “racist” online should be outed, yet his own past writing may reflect attitudes that the Left considers “racist.”

While Michael Smerconish has expressed a number of liberal views in recent years, many of his past columns endorse ideas that, by the standards of the American Left, could be seen as “racist.”

In a blog post from November 2009 published at the Huffington Post, Smerconish explicitly promotes racial profiling, something that would surely be found racist and Islamophobic by his left-wing peers.

He writes, “Profiling. Let’s look for terrorists who look like terrorists. Those who threaten us have similarities. In virtually every instance, they have race, gender, ethnicity, religion and appearance in common. Those characteristics should be considered as we seek to prevent terrorist strikes against the United States. Everyone needs to be screened, but some more than others. When the terrorists start looking like Thurston Howell, III, we will change accordingly.”

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