GOP 2016 presidential candidates Jeb Bush and Donald Trump are rising in national polls among GOP primary voters, a new CNN/ORC poll shows.

While Bush holds 19 percent of the vote among Republican voters, Trump holds 12 percent, making them the only Republican presidential candidates to have a double-digit showing in the poll, Business Insider reports.

According to the CNN poll, the top five Republican candidate’s are:

  • Jeb Bush: 19 percent, up from 13 percent in May
  • Donald Trump: 12 percent, up from 3 percent before his announcement
  • Mike Huckabee: 8 percent
  • Dr. Ben Carson: 7 percent
  • Sen. Rand Paul: 7 percent

“The findings suggest Bush is making progress toward being seen as the front-runner in a field that has long lacked a clear leader,” said CNN’s polling director, Jennifer Agiesta, according to Business Insider.

“He holds a significant lead over the second-place candidate Trump, is seen as the candidate who could best handle illegal immigration and social issues, and runs about even with Trump and well ahead of the other candidates when Republicans are asked which candidate can best handle the economy.”

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