A new poll conducted by CNN has found that people trust CNN.

Yes, really.

CNN’s Brian Stelter proudly posted the results of the poll, which purports to show significantly more people trust the news network when it comes to coronavirus information than Fox News or President Trump.

Given that the poll was conducted by CNN itself, many weren’t buying it.

One respondent highlighted a Morning Consult poll which showed drastically different results, with a higher percentage of voters saying Fox News was handling the COVID-19 story better than CNN.

“A CNN poll finds CNN is more trusted than Fox News. Stunning. I did a poll too and I found that I’m the handsomest,” commented Carmine Sabia.

“CNN is an embarrassment,” tweeted Matthew Kolken. “Your network long ago abandoned any semblance of journalistic integrity. You don’t report news, and are nothing more than anti-Trump propaganda. You should be ashamed of what you’ve become.”

Another respondent conducted his own poll on Stelter’s thread which found that 96% of people don’t trust CNN, although that may say more about Stelter’s popularity than that of the news network as a whole.

Despite coronavirus being one of the biggest news stories in modern history, CNN lost 26 per cent of its prime time viewers compared to April last year while Fox News “finished the month far ahead.”


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