During CNN’s live coverage of the events in Ferguson, Missouri following the announcement of the grand jury decision, reporter Stephanie Elam was delivering a report from an area where police had recently pulled back. During the live report, she stated that people were throwing things at her, and eventually she had to leave the scene.

“People are throwing stuff at me right now,” said Elam. “It’s that kind of scene.”

Elam and the camera moved positions, and then there was a sound of another object rolling on the ground. “I feel safe, actually,” she said. “She’s just having fun. It’s just a young girl smiling and kicking stuff at us right now.”

There was more confusion on and off camera, before Elam stated to Jake Tapper that she was moving to where the police were at. Later in the broadcast, Elam reappeared and reported that police had returned to the area and secured it. During their absence, several stores were looted, and a beauty salon was set on fire.

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