CNN once ran a report investigating if President Donald Trump is afraid of stairs, a question that would have been better posed to losing Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Last year, reporter Jeanne Moos investigated rumors Trump may have “bathmophobia,” a fear of steps and ramps, after he was seen holding UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s hand.

“Ever since first hearing about the phobia rumor, I’ve become slightly obsessed with watching President Trump watch his step,” Moos said.

CNN highlights videos showing the president carefully descending stairs while “clutching the railing,” and points to a tweet Trump made about Obama’s stair-walking as evidence he is afraid of stairs.

On Monday, the irony came full circle as it turns out the person the fake news network should have been investigating is former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Earlier this week Clinton sprained her hand after repeatedly falling down stairs at Jahaz Mahal in New Delhi. The second time she falls she’s already being held up by two men.

The two men providing assistance during the fall brings to mind a Reuters photo from the campaign where aides had to help Hillary ascend a small flight of stairs.

She also appeared to need help tackling about five steps at a campaign rally.

The incident is also reminiscent of when she fell while attending a 9/11 memorial. After she was seen being tossed into a black van like a side of beef, her campaign blamed her unusual behavior on pneumonia.

And who can forget the time Hillary fell as she finished boarding the stairs to Air Force One.

President Trump caught heat after he retweeted a meme gif of him hitting Hillary with a golf ball, causing her to fall.

As expected, despite intense interest in Trump’s “stair phobia,” there’s not been so much as a mention on any CNN shows, its website, or its multiple Twitter accounts referencing Hillary’s fall in India, or her subsequent hand sprain.

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