Kurt Nimmo
March 30, 2010

John Avlon, author of “Wingnuts,” and the CIA operative Anderson Cooper decided not to demonize Alex Jones on CNN last week. He made too much sense. Instead, on Monday, they “profiled” the Hutaree group. It is ideal for their propaganda campaign.

Both Avalon and Mark Potok of the SPLC basically said if you believe the elite are actively planning for a New World Order and world government based on the model of the EU you’re on par with the Hutaree who believe the UN is the Antichrist and were ready to do battle with it, no matter how ludicrous that is.

Cooper mentioned the discredited DHS report on “rightwing extremism” and said it is now “prescient in terms of the violence we have seen.” Potok said DHS boss Janet Napolitano was a coward for disavowing the report. He accidentally called her Janet Reno, the butcher of Waco. There is little difference.

Cooper did not bother to cite any incidents of violence. Was he talking about obscene calls and emails sent to Congress after it passed Obamacare? Or the cut gas line at the brother of a Congress critter’s house? Or bricks thrown through windows at Dem headquarters around the country? Are the last two violence or property damage? Is there a difference according to the government and the corporate media? No. Foolish acts of property damage in response to authoritarianism, according to the corporate media — who are micromanged by the CIA and Pentagon — mean Hutaree-like militias are about to begin killing cops and government bureaucrats.

Avalon said “hate” ultimately leads to “violence.” He meant to say that free speech not approved by the government leads to criticism of the one-world agenda and such criticism and critiques will not be tolerated by our rulers. Beyond the raving of an isolated group of white supremacists, there is virtual no talk of violence by patriots and other critics of the New World Order.

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The federal indictment against the Hutaree is tenuous at best. It claims the group planned to kill cops. It looks like the cop killer scenarios were part of their training exercises — basically glorified paintball wars in the woods with live ammo — and not an active conspiracy.

Or maybe it is the “gun charges” mentioned in the indictment. The feds love to bring these kind of charges against their victims. They act like there is no Second Amendment and anybody who owns a military styled firearm is a raving lunatic. They blow everything out of proportion. Pipe bombs become weapons of mass destruction and IEDS in order to conjure up images of Iraq and Afghanistan. None of this is accidental. It’s all part of the propaganda campaign.

Avalon connected the killing of three Pittsburgh cops by the spoiled brat Richard Poplawski to the patriot movement. Avalon and CNN have created a new word for people who defend the Constitution — they are “hateriots” instead of patriots. The script scribblers in the corporate media love to invent new terms to demonize their enemies.

It is almost certain a jury will find these folks guilty and send them to prison for life. In the meantime, the corporate media will have a field day connecting non-violent patriots to the Hutaree. Images of a fringe Christian group playing war in the woods will be mixed in with images of Tea Party protesters and Ron Paul supporters.

The Hutaree may believe the End Days are near and there will be a confrontation with the Antichrist. The Hutaree’s millennial fantasies have provided the government with an excuse to demonize those of us who know there is indeed such a thing as a ruling global elite and a well documented plan for world government. The corporate media itself has announced these plans on numerous occasions.

How long before the government conducts more raids, this time on legitimate militias? How long before the government and corporate media begin calling for disarmament of Americans who practice open carry and defend the Second Amendment? How long before a provocateured event gives them the perfect excuse?

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