CNN reporters compared the southern border crisis to Hollywood fiction on “New Day” Wednesday and played clips from the 2018 film “Sicario: Day of the Soldado” to illustrate their point.

CNN correspondent Miguel Marquez narrated the piece, which intertwined clips of cartel violence from the film with news headlines and immigration soundbites from President Donald Trump. The chyron read: “Are Trump’s Border Claims Hollywood Fantasy?”

Marquez also referenced a story from The Washington Examiner, along with a Trump tweet, about Muslim prayer rugs being found near the border and then tied the story in with the film’s depiction of terrorism.

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CNN pointed out Trump’s reference to duct tape being used on victims of human trafficking and said his thought process might have been inspired by the fictional film.

Border patrol agents stand guard near the US-Mexico border fence as seen from Playas de Tijuana (Photo by Guillermo Arias / Contributor via Getty Images)

The network interviewed Martina Vandenberg, president of the Human Trafficking Legal Center, and she claimed only 26 of the 1,435 indictments mention kidnapping and only one of those 26 cases referenced duct tape.

“What Donald Trump is missing with this sort of fictional account — Hollywood version — of human trafficking is the dire cases that do exist in the United States, including cases of forced labor and forced prostitution,” she said.

Marquez said the network reached out to the White House about the possible parallels between the president’s claims and the Hollywood film, but said it has yet to hear back.

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