CNN’s Carol Costello was taken aback when Donald Trump’s former butler confirmed the real estate tycoon’s rumored generosity.

Attempting to dig up dirt on Trump, Costello asked Tony Senecal, the business mogul’s butler of more than 20 years, if there was anything he could reveal about the billionaire.

“Can you tell my viewers something about Donald Trump that they don’t realize?” Costello probed.

“Yeah, I tell ya, first of all, he’s an incredibly generous person,” Senecal answered. “He’s been generous to his employees. He’s generous to strangers. He’s an entirely nice guy. He’s not the great, gruff person that people play him out to be.”

“Sure, you attack him he’s gonna fight back,” Senecal stated, adding, “but most of the time he’s just a nice man.”

At that point, Costello tries to cut him off, saying, “Alright i have to let you…” before Senecal continues, “I mean, I lasted with him for 20 years. He had to be pretty good.”

The attempted smear of the Republican frontrunner is reminiscent of last week’s failed attempt by MSNBC to portray supporters of Donald Trump as racist.

During a segment equating Trump with the KKK, an MSNBC host threw to the wrong clip, instead showing a black Trump supporter telling the media to rise above the racial attacks.

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