CNN is still claiming that the Austin, Texas, bombings are possibly “race-related” despite reporting the victims as white, black and Hispanic.

The network, known for pushing narratives before news, is clinging to a racial motivation behind the attacks even though the latest victims are two white men who were targeted indiscriminately.

“So, that’s actually not a pattern at all,” said one Twitter user in response to CNN.

Another user said CNN’s headline was “obvious clickbait.”

“Why couldn’t they say ‘with the latest victims being white, fears are that these attacks are more random than previously thought, and not driven by race,'” he said.

That said, there still could have been a racial motivation behind the first bombing attacks – and this recent attack could have even been a copycat – but that’s simply speculation, and so far there’s not enough information for CNN to keep harping the idea the “attacks could be race-related” over and over again in defiance of what’s actually known.

It’s almost as if the network is simply trying to save face after spending the past week harping the “racial motivations” behind the bombings despite Austin police admitting they still don’t know the bomber’s motive.

“These events in Austin have garnered worldwide attention, and we assure you [the bomber] that we are listening,” said interim Police Chief Brian Manley. “We want to understand what brought you to this point, and we want to listen to you.”

Police also indicated that the latest attack used a tripwire bomb, meaning that anyone – even a little girl walking down the sidewalk – could have triggered the explosion.

The latest attack occurred in a neighborhood near the Barton Creek Greenbelt, a nature preserve popular with backpackers that could have allowed the bomber to park at any of the greenbelt’s numerous entry points and blend in with the crowd:

Another attack on March 12 also occurred near the Little Walnut Creek Greenbelt in East Austin.

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