CNN was bestowed the Cronkite Award for its “Parkland Town Hall” which resulted in NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch being escorted off the premises after attendees berated and tried to assault her.

The University of Southern California held the 10th biennial Walter Cronkite Awards for Excellence in Television Political Journalism on Wednesday, honoring CNN for its Parkland Town Hall last year for “helping advance the national conversation on gun control and violence.”

Loesch attended the event to defend the Second Amendment following the left’s calls for gun control over the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, but the audience ended up hurling insults and threats of violence against her.

“Is this a joke? Seriously,” she tweeted Tuesday, before releasing several video clips of the event while it wasn’t televised.

“Here is some footage where people were yelling to burn me at CNN’s award-winning townhall where they ‘advanced the conversation on gun control,'” she said.

“Shame on you! Shame on you! Shame on you! Shame on you!” the audience chanted as Loesch was escorted from the event.

Some conversation.

Here’s more of the “conversation.”

“This is what happened when the cameras turned off at @CNNPR ’s award-winning townhall. They’re proud of it,” Loesch continued.

In the mainstream media bizarro world, CNN is given awards for “advancing the conversation on gun control and violence” for hosting an event that demonizes the Second Amendment and threatens violence against detractors.

Even CNN CEO Jeff Zucker was given a First Amendment award after lobbying to censor his competition online.


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