As the claims of sexual harassment pile up against Hollywood celebrities and media figures, CNN senior reporter Dylan Byers has come under fire for saying he is worried that there will be a ‘drain of talent’ as a consequence.

Byers tweeted the following comments, and then soon deleted them after a torrent of backlash:

The internet was not impressed:

Even Byers’ own CNN colleagues attacked him:

Byers then sent out a second tweet backpeddaling on the original comments:

But it was too late:

Someone even changed Byers’ Wikipedia page to described him as “an American journalist and proponent of sexual assault if it interferes with his entertainment.”

A further entry stated “On November 21, 2017 [sic] Dylan Byers tweeted his concern that people were leaving the news industry for engaging in sexual harassment. In a little over two hours it looked like it was going for an all time [sic] ratio with 3,000 comments vs. 326 likes.”

In a third embarrassing tweet, Byers explained why he had deleted the previous two tweets:

But by then it was waaaaay too late:

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