CNN is once again proving that Donald Trump was right when he called them “fake news”.

CNN contributor Ana Navarro, a relentless Trump critic, tweeted this image of LeBron James wearing a t-shirt that reads, “TRUMP – you son of a b*tch!” along with the words, “Freedom of expression Makes America Great. Whether u approve or not, we’re free to wear this. Could get u jailed or killed in some places.”

Just one problem – the image is fake. Navarro literally tweeted fake news.

“That’s a photoshop. Don’t believe the hype,” responded a Twitter user called Darren, posting the original image of James wearing an Undertaker t-shirt.

Apparently, Navarro is unaware of a tool called ‘Google images’ that can be used to source the origin of photos.

But when there’s an opportunity to express your deranged anti-Trump hysteria, who cares about the truth?

As we reported earlier, LeBron James labeled Trump supporters “uneducated,” but was ceaselessly trolled for numerous linguistic errors that suggested he wasn’t too well educated himself.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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