With CNN largely ignoring the FISA abuse memo controversy, despite some lawmakers predicting it could lead to the arrest of top FBI and DOJ officials, CNN’s Chris Cuomo did take time to address the issue this morning, only to ridicule it.

Complaining that the topic had been “breaking” his Twitter feed, Cuomo sardonically asked Republican Congressman Chris Stewart, “What is this memo that you guys are selling as so significant?”

Before Stewart could explain why he thought the memo was meaningful, Cuomo jumped back in again demanding to know why.

“What kind of information is it” continued Cuomo, seemingly ignoring the fact that the memo is classified and that Stewart couldn’t specifically answer that question without violating that classification.

Stewart then suggested that the memo potentially implicates the Department of Justice and the FBI in abusing the FISA process.

Cuomo then pestered the Congressman to go into detail again before Stewart shot back, “I’m not going to elaborate on it more than that.”

“It’s a pretty loaded suggestion…’this is huge but I can’t tell you why'” Cuomo said, again attempting to pour scorn on the seriousness of the memo.

Stewart again emphasised that the memo needed to be de-classified before its contents could be revealed, a point Cuomo seemed to have difficulty in grasping.

“It’s being pitched as something that will bring down the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton,” Cuomo asserted, before demanding more information so that CNN could fact check its validity.

In his adversarial approach to the story, Cuomo omitted the numerous lawmakers who have gone on record asserting that the de-classification of the memo should be of the upmost importance.

As we highlighted earlier, CNN’s home page this morning was absent any mention of the scandal, despite Fox News journalist Sarah Carter describing the memo as so “explosive” that it could lead to “the end of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation into President Trump and his associates.”


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