CNN’s climate change town hall broadcast was dominated by doomsday rhetoric, but the only verifiable disaster was the show’s ratings, which were poor.

Despite marketing the seven hour (yes, really) broadcast as “unprecedented,” the show placed last in viewership for every hour.

From the Washington Examiner;

Fox News was in first place during the seven hour time slot, averaging 2.5 million viewers and MSNBC averaging 1.7 million viewers. CNN only averaged 1.1 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research.

For the 25-54 age demographic, Fox News also came in first with 418,000 viewers. CNN was in second with 265,000 viewers and MSNBC in third with 246,000.

During prime time, 8-11p.m., Fox News averaged 3.2 million viewers and MSNBC averaged 2.2 million viewers. CNN averaged 1.4 million viewers, but once again came in second for the age demo with 345,000 viewers. Fox New had 530,000 viewers and MSNBC had 315,000.

Perhaps the most bizarre moment of the show was when Bernie Sanders admitted his advocacy for funding abortions in developing countries as means of population control.

Pro-life Rep. Steve Scalise responded to the socialist Senator’s answer by labeling it “horrifying.”


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