Following a weekend of anti-gun marches replete with people holding signs and placards calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment, and following a call by retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens to repeal the Second Amendment, CNN’s Chris Cuomo has raised ire by claiming that ‘no one is calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment’.

According to Cuomo, it’s a big ‘bogeyman’ that the right is using to taint the debate and prevent measures being introduced that could stop mass shootings from happening.

Cuomo was tagged in this tweet:

Which led to this response:

That opened the flood gates:

One Twitter user was momentarily confused:

But wait. Cuomo did read what Justice John Paul Stevens wrote, it just doesn’t really count because he’s old and retired.

Others piled on with the calls for repealing the Second Amendment:

It is plain to see that, as pro-gun groups say, there is a legitimate concern that giving an inch on gun laws would lead to anti-gun activists taking a mile.

How can one have a rational debate about preventing school shootings when every single time a horde of screeching leftists jump into it demanding the repeal of the Second Amendment, and then simultaneously claiming that is not what they are suggesting?

There is no rationality there at all.

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