During an interview with Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), New Day co-host Chris Cuomo said that “if we didn’t rely on leaks, we would allow so much B.S. to get directly to the American people.”

Cuomo made this comments after Rep. Jordan brought up the fact that the FBI terminated its relationship with anti-Trump dossier author Christopher Steele. Cuomo responded by saying “That doesn’t make his material bad” and later argued that “We need leaks! We can’t trust you guys to tell the truth all the time.” Cuomo skipped the fact that Steele was hired by the Democrats to provide opposition research against Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign.

Perhaps it never occurred to Cuomo that leaks can actually contain “B.S.” While it is certainly true that the American people cannot trust Congress to tell the truth all the time, the same applies to the media.

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