CNN reporter Dan Merica would like you to think that there is nothing to see in Wikileaks’ release of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta — including the transcripts of her private paid speeches.

In a Tuesday article co-bylined with Tal Kopan bearing the vanilla headline “What we’ve learned from the hacked emails of Hillary Clinton’s campaign (so far),” Merica’s main takeaway from the leaked emails and campaign documents is how hard-working and “methodical” Clinton appears. Nothing about scandals. Nothing about the troubling internal audit of the Clinton Foundation. Just a boring look at an impressively “deliberate” campaign. There is a word for this type of news story.

Merica is a CNN Politics producer and has covered Clinton on the campaign trail since the Democratic primary. His name is seen several times in the Podesta emails, suggesting a friendly, if not collaborative, relationship with Clinton and her staff.

In September of 2015, Nick Merrill, Clinton’s traveling press secretary, was supposed to call Merica call Merica ahead of his writeup of an interview remark from Clinton, according to the campaign’s Director of Communications Jennifer Palmieri. “Nick is calling dan Mercia [sic] who tweeted aboit it,” she wrote.

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