CNN’s Jim Acosta is unhappy that Donald Trump receives an equal number of questions from conservative media outlets and whined about it during a torturous appearance on the network.

Acosta joined CNN’s Brooke Baldwin to have a near temper tantrum about how Trump has made it into a “new normal” that CNN doesn’t get to exert a monopoly on his time.


After complaining that his every repetitive question isn’t treated with the utmost importance by Press Secretary Sean Spicer, Acosta launched into his tirade.

“It feels as though we’re slowly but surely being dragged into what is a new normal in this country where the President of the United States is allowed to insulate himself from answering hard questions,” complained Acosta.

“He has these press conferences….where you know maybe he’ll take a question from a conservative news media reporter and then someone from the mainstream media….this isn’t how we do things in this country,” he added.

So taking an equal number of questions from the Trump-friendly media outlets and hysterical anti-Trump outlets like CNN isn’t acceptable to Acosta? Does he want every single question to come from CNN?

Acosta is a far-left activist posing as an impartial journalist. He should be thankful he gets to ask any questions at all.

Just last week, Acosta tweeted fake news about President Trump not seeing Congressman Scalise in hospital after yesterday’s shooting, then refused to apologize for it. The goal was clearly to make Trump look bad in the aftermath of an attempted massacre of Republican lawmakers.

Acosta, whose pinned tweet reads, “We are real news Mr. President,” has had numerous run-ins with Trump, including at a January press conference when Trump called CNN “fake news”.


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