Mainstream media’s chief tattletale Oliver Darcy bragged on Twitter yesterday that he contacted Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in an attempt to get the latest Project Veritas video taken off each platform.

According to Darcy, a Facebook spokesperson told him they’d be deleting the footage “for violating its policies on COVID-19 misinfo.”

“Equating COVID-19 with the common flu could cause people not to take the advice of medical professionals and thus contribute to the virus’ spread,” Darcy wrote, quoting his Facebook connect.

Meanwhile, Darcy added, “Spokespeople for Twitter and YouTube say the video doesn’t break their platform’s policies on Covid-19 misinfo.”

The insane thing is the Project Veritas video made no such claims and did not “equate COVID-19 with the common flu,” but documented Army National Guardsman and a health official who stated their personal opinions.

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe responded to Darcy’s tweet, writing, “This is OUTRAGEOUS. We reported the medical testers and army personnel answers to Qs. Instead of CNN reporters going out in field to illuminate, you CALL FB to TRY to get us banned. You’re not journalists. You’re not reporting. You’re participants in the system.”

See the footage for yourself below before it is scrubbed from the internet entirely:

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