The Trump-deranged media, led by CNN’s resident nut case Brian Stelter rounded on Tucker Carlson Thursday after the Fox News anchor criticized the Democratic party, claiming that “Americans are an Afterthought” to them.

“For more than 100 years the Democratic Party was organized around the interest of ordinary Americans” Carlson noted, adding that Democrats ran campaigns against “higher wages, better working conditions” and railed against banks taking liberties.

“To the modern Democratic Party, Americans are an afterthought. Try to find a Democrat running this year on the opioid crisis…or the decline of the middle-class. Hard to find one.” Carlson continued, claiming that all Democrats care about now is getting into power.

“They need reliable new voters. Voters who will support them obediently without making difficult demands like a higher standard of living. That’s why the Democratic Party suddenly supports open borders so fervently,” Carlson stated.

“Immigration is really the only issue that matters to them because packing the electorate is the only way to regain control of this country. Their goal is clear: They will do anything to achieve it.” Carlson added.

Carlson’s monologue triggered Stelter, who labeled it “extreme rhetoric” and asked others on Twitter to “imagine talking this way” all the time.

CNBC’s resident unhinged Anti-Trumper John Harwood was also horrified:

Of course, CNN and C/MS/NBC are straight down the line. Their hosts are completely non-partisan.

Oh, no, wait… they’re actually a million times worse, to the point that they call the President a mentally unstable dictator on an hourly basis and claim he was installed by the Russian government.

The backlash against Stelter was swift and uncompromising:

Others questioned why Stelter was watching Fox News and not the channel he works for:

Perhaps it’s because no one watches CNN, not even its own employees.

But what did Carlson actually say that was so “extreme”?

Only one thing for it…

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