CNN’s goblin pundit Brian Stelter mocked President Trump for daring to be interviewed by Alex Jones in 2015 following big tech’s total censorship crackdown of Infowars.

“Remember when then-candidate Trump went on Infowars and praised Alex Jones? ‘Your reputation is amazing,’ Trump said. ‘I will not let you down,'” Stelter tweeted gleefully on Monday.

Trump came on The Alex Jones Show because he knew that Infowars listeners are part of a wide network of libertarians, conservatives, and independent thinkers, which he relied on to become the 2016 Republican presidential candidate to face off against Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.

CNN and its minions have been over the moon since Facebook, Google, Apple, and Spotify purged Infowars content from their platforms in a coordinated crackdown on Monday under the guise of fighting “hate speech.”

CNN and Democrats have breathlessly pressured the tech giants to remove Jones from their platforms as their ratings continue to crater and our audience continues to grow even with our content already having been shadow banned by at least 80%.

Even when most tech companies have completely shut down our pages, CNN’s Oliver Darcy suggested the left wouldn’t be satisfied until Infowars and Alex Jones have been completely scrubbed from the Internet.

“Twitter spokesperson says that neither InfoWars nor any other associated accounts are currently in violation of Twitter/Periscope rules,” Darcy tweeted.

Here’s CNN even calling for our new INFOWARS OFFICIAL APP to be banned!

Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson aptly pointed out the sick irony of CNN decrying Trump’s “attacks on the press” while simultaneously celebrating the censorship of Infowars, its main rival and competitor.

“CNN, which constantly whines about Trump threatening press freedoms, is gloating about censorship of the press,” Watson tweeted.

“Whether you love or loathe Infowars, this now confirms that Big Tech is working with legacy media to silence independent media,” he added. “In places like Russia, the government shuts down the press, in America, CNN, Apple and Facebook fulfill that role.”


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