Cape May County Herald
April 3, 2009

Editor’s note: The Coast Guard is one of the five elements of the U.S. Armed Forces. In short, the military is now feeding the homeless and hungry. How long before they are feeding them in FEMA camps?

PHILADELPHIA — Petty Officer 3rd Class Jordan R. Perry and Petty Officer 3rd Class Matthew Thompson, members of the electronic support detachment at Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City, help other volunteers work the serving line at Saint John’s Hospice in Philadelphia, Tuesday, March 31.

[efoods]Perry and Thompson are first-time volunteers for the feed the homeless program. The cinder-block walls of the cafeteria were painted an antique yellow. A tattered American flag hung in the doorway of the small table-filled area. The clanking of silverware and utensils overwhelm the undersized kitchen quarters. The limited serving domain was brimming with aluminum containers filled with a variety of nourishing foods donated to the cause.

An assembly of men of all walks of life patiently waits their turn, out the building, around the corner and down a busy street in central Philadelphia.

This building holds a sign tall and proud, which states clearly: Saint John’s Hospice seeks to be a community grounded in faith and service where homeless persons find dignity, respect, nourishment and opportunities for a new beginning.

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