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July 28, 2010

Rush Limbaugh mentioned Angelo M. Codevilla’s America’s Rulng Class – And the Perils of Revolution.

A recent worthwhile read is Angelo M. Codevilla’s piece America’s Rulng Class — And the Perils of Revolution from the July/Aug 2010 issue of The American Spectator (the article so referenced by Rush Limbaugh in his recent acknowledgement of said “ruling class”, and also name checked in the article Clash of the Classes: Does Rush Limbaugh Finally Get It? ).  The article speaks the uncomfortable truth about the controlled nature of the phony left-right paradigm; the manufactured political ethos of our dichotomous “Tastes great!” vs. “Less filling!” two-party system.  It states clearly and succinctly how we live in a hallucinatory state, convinced that we’re playing some kind of direct and active part in a political process  — when, not only is our role dubious, but the process itself a sham.  Our power as individual voters has been supplanted by our assumed (but ultimately weak) collective influence as members of parties – parties which not only fail to truly reflect our beliefs and aspirations, but which are, in fact, controlled by a “ruling class”, as he puts it, and which march forward under an inertia not much effected by our individual will.  And the system – that is, the ruling class – likes it this way.

For all of Codevilla’s refreshing insightfulness and very articulate writing, there is to be found only one thing missing:  He stops short of making the larger, overarching connection between this American ruling class, or elite, which he examines and the Globalist interests with whom they’re both allied and serve.  He comes close to such an idea, however, inasmuch as he repeatedly references (with due sarcasm) the push for Americans to join the “enlightened” international community (i.e. transmuting America into just another European–like state).  It’s unclear whether this omission is because he simply doesn’t recognize any such cadre of international power brokers, or, conversely, he does recognize them, but preferred to keep his review of the political machine Amero–centric.  Notwithstanding the latter, this is hardly outside the purview of an investigation into such an elite assembly, for even if the focus is American in nature, it seems clear, using dead reckoning, that an American ruling class can’t, and doesn’t, operate in a vacuum.

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To enumerate as descriptively as he does, our current fraudulent system of elitist control which we benignly label as our body politic, begs the question of to what purposed end are these actors playing?  The obvious answer is that we’re not just fighting a domestic ruling class; we’re fighting a global ruling class — a global network of elitists, whose machinations operate at various national levels, but whose aims are global.  This is no more apparent and manifest than in the various subversive movements of our traitorous federal officials who support and promote all nature of policies and international agreements which not only foist ever — increasing controls upon us, but which ultimately undermine our very national sovereignty.  The only reason a government or subset ruling class would have for intentionally seeking to sign away their sovereignty – our sovereignty — is in the interest or conviction that they’re joining a larger establishment. In which case, a discussion of this cabal which reaches out beyond our own Americana, is absolutely appropriate and necessary.  Otherwise, exposing only part of this grand scheme is for naught.  That said, if Mr. Codevilla’s article wakes up even a small handful of our fellow citizens to the fact that their political system is a synthetic one, we should regard it as a functional stepping stone to the larger truth.

Whether or not we, the Country Class (as Codevilla refers to the rest of us who are neither members nor funcionaries of the elite), with all of our differences, have eyes to see and ears to hear the soft whispers or the brazen shouting of Global Governance, such a ruling class — or even the slightest indications of it — should be monitored vigilantly by all of us and resisted unconditionally when we encounter it.

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