The firm of globalist billionaire George Soros invested millions in several tech giants just months before they underwent a coordinated purge of Infowars and Alex Jones.

“Soros Fund Management invested in major tech and social media companies in the second quarter,” Fox Business reported Wednesday.

“The family office of billionaire investor George Soros added stakes in Apple, Facebook and Twitter, while reducing stakes in Amazon and Google’s parent company, Alphabet.”

The notorious Nazi collaborator isn’t the only billionaire with a renewed interest in Big Tech.

“Berkshire Hathaway chairman Warren Buffett revealed in a regulatory filing earlier this month that his firm bought billions of dollars of additional Apple stock in its most recent quarter,” Silicon Valley Business Journal reported.

Last week, Apple, Facebook, YouTube [Google], and Spotify all inexplicably banned Infowars from their platforms, with many others following suit days after, justified under the weak guise of flagging “hate speech.”

Additionally, Twitter suspended both Alex Jones’ and the Infowars twitter accounts this week for appealing to President Trump to take action on online censorship.

Is it a coincidence these same companies blacklisted Infowars – the sworn enemy of Soros – after the globalist kingpin got involved with them?

Please support Alex Jones during this unprecedented attack on Infowars by visiting the Infowars store or donating below.


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