Kurt Nimmo
June 1, 2009

In the video here, Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks radio show on Sirius claims he does not know who Col. Ralph Peters is, but tells us he has to run a clip from Fox News because Peters calls for murdering detainees held at Gitmo. It’s fodder for Uygur’s liberal mill, an example of how crazy those right-wingers are.

Ralph Peters is a neocon, not a right-winger (a rather ambiguous term to say the least, usually employed as a pejorative). Peters was in military intelligence and he not only appears on Fox News but PBS and CNN as well (there really is no difference between these corporate propaganda networks).

In 2006, he called for redrawing borders in the Middle East and earlier this year said Afghanistan is a waste of time and the U.S. should go “punitive” on the natives. Last month he advocated killing “partisan” journalists. Peters is a neocon’s neocon — to say nothing of a psychopath — and has no reluctance in speaking his mind when it comes to mass murder and engaging in crimes against humanity.

In a segment with Fox’s Neil Cavuto, Peters says the “terrorists” now at Gitmo should have been slaughtered in the field. “Just like in the movies,” says Peters, “monsters deserve to die.”

Cavuto reminds Peters that some of the detainees might be innocent, but Peters will have nothing of it. Sure, he says, there will be “miscarriages of justice” but we shouldn’t let that get in the way of killing Muslims. “We are better off killing known terrorists on the spot,” he argues. A “dead terrorist poses a lot less legal problems down the road.” In other words, kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out.

“In interviews, dozens of high-level military, intelligence and law-enforcement officials in the United States, Europe and the Middle East said that contrary to the repeated assertions of senior administration officials, none of the detainees at the United States Naval Base at Guantánamo Bay ranked as leaders or senior operatives of Al Qaeda,” the New York Times reported on June 21, 2004. “They said only a relative handful — some put the number at about a dozen, others more than two dozen — were sworn Qaeda members or other militants able to elucidate the organization’s inner workings.”

[efoods]Even the CIA admitted the detainees were not only at best low-level recruits but “innocent men swept up in the chaos of the war,” in other words they happened to live in the country when the United States invaded and attacked the CIA-ISI created Taliban and al-Qaeda.

As it turns out, according to military tribunal documents released under an Associated Press FIOA, many of the men currently at Gitmo were sold to the United States for bounties. Most are completely innocent of any crime.

You might think Col. Peters is a throwback to Bush and his neocon troglodytes. But think again. Obama is more deadly than Bush when it comes to Afghanistan and now Pakistan. “Simple arithmetic reveals that the eleven days under the Obama clock were 18-50% more deadly for Afghan civilians than the twenty days under the Bush regime,” writes Marc W. Herold. Obama is a victim of “rotten advice,” Herold claims, but this is wrong because Obama decides nothing, he is merely a good-looking guy our rulers need to read the teleprompters.

Over at the Pentagon, there is no shortage of Col. Ralph Peters who’d like nothing better than to mow down the Gitmo detainees and put an end once and for all to the touchy issue. It’s a public relations problem at this point and one they hope will go away soon. Ralph Peters, on the other hand, is retired and can speak his mind. It’s easy to do since the corporate media repeatedly characterizes all of the detainees — the vast majority of them innocent — as evil al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists.

Obama tells us they are all terrorists too. But he’s not about to call for them to be lined up against a wall and shot. He has more finesse. Instead Muslims will be slaughtered in great numbers half around the world and the complicit corporate media will not report it – or will cover it up with more blather about terrorists who hate us for our freedoms. Monsters will be killed, just like they are in the movies, and too bad for the men, women, and children who have nothing to do with the contrived GWOT.

Obama is a front man for war crimes and crimes against humanity. He takes on Bush’s legacy — more than a million innocent Iraqis killed, millions more made homeless and subjected to never-ending misery — and Obama moves to the next level: killing an increasing number of innocents in Pakistan. Obama and his puppet masters are directly responsible for the massive humanitarian crisis now unfolding in Pakistan’s Swat Valley. More than two million refugees need urgent help, according to the Red Cross. For our rulers, this is merely another scene played out on the bloody stage of the Theater of the Macabre.

Since an appreciable number of these refugees likely support or at least accept the rule of the Taliban, maybe the United States should carpet bomb the Lahore Refugee Camp in Swabi. After all, as Peters says, there will be “miscarriages of justice.”

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