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January 7, 2013

I work for a large electric utility company. The office building I work in is currently operating on half power. I arrived to work this morning with half the lights off, all of the non-essentials turned off, and an email message that the heat will be on and off intermittently during the day. The email went on to prohibit the use of personal space heaters.

Why? The temperature outside is 12 degree’s Fahrenheit. During extreme temperatures this electric utility browns out all of their offices. To be clear, I am only talking about the electric utilities office buildings. The reason given for the brown out is the extra load on the entire regional grid. While it is true that the entire regional grid is experiencing a greater load, the brown out of a few office buildings does little if anything to reduce the overall load. What I believe this brown out is really about is making a political statement. The utility always preaches to the customers to reduce their loads, be more efficient and save energy. So the utility is practicing what it preaches.

But this brown out reveals something about the mentality and will of the utility. Given the ability to control power usage, the utility will use it as it deems fit. And this is where smart meters come in. Smart meters are being pilot tested in several small test markets in this region. The smart grid is being sold as a way to save money for the consumer and add convenience. However the real reason the utilities want a smart grid, is to reduce their operating cost, and have the ability to monitor and control the entire grid from a single control center.

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